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Now Hiring - Civil/Survey Technician

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Loop Road Project at MCC Completed

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Meet the Parrone Team

Our principals form the professional backbone of Parrone Engineering, providing skilled hands on the tiller and alert eyes on our future. Read More>>

What kind of world will we leave him?

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We are civil and environmental engineers, landscape architects, land surveyors and traffic engineers. But more than anything else, the professionals at Parrone Engineering are the stewards of our children’s future.  Our solemn responsibility to eliminate risk extends far beyond the traditional boundaries of engineering and project management.

The most significant peril we seek to avoid is the risk of creating an environment for our children and our children’s children that does not respect, maintain or enhance the immediate world around us. Like medical practitioners, we vow to do no harm, and whenever possible, we seek to rectify environmental harms that have been committed by others. Doing it right, and doing what’s right are the cornerstones of our success.


Where Have The Boomers Gone?

Over the next few years, 77 million baby boomers will be leaving the workforce.  As a result, this group of people will require more services in order to maintain their quality of life.  Edward G. Parrone, P.E., President and CEO of Parrone Engineering, believes that there will be a huge growth in adult senior living and healthcare in the United States through 2020, and that this market will be a major economic driving force for the American economy. 

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